Support for local job seekers

Support for local job seekers

Ascot Vale resident, Anab Egalle, came to Australia seven years ago from Somalia. When she arrived in Australia she had no English so she made it her priority to enrol in English classes. She did this at both Wingate Avenue Community Centre and Kensington Neighbourhood House.

Whilst studying English Anab had a series of short term warehousing jobs. These jobs had limited tenure and were hard to come by. Before enrolling in the JVEN #WorkNOW program at Wingate Avenue Community Centre she had been out of work for 18 months.

Thanks to the #WorkNOW program, Anab has recently secured a job as a dry cleaner at Doutta Galla Aged Services in Avondale Heights. She’s really enjoying the role and takes pride in “learning new things”. She currently works there one day a week whilst studying a Certificate III in Childcare on other days. She’s keen to take on an additional day’s work and is hoping that if she does a good job this will happen.

Anab really values the support that she gets from the #WorkNOW Community Employment Consultant, Clara. “If I have a problem at work I know she will help me”, says Anab. “She calls me to see how I’m going”.

As a mother and wife Anab feels it is important to have a job and feels proud that she’s making a financial contribution to her household.

Without the support of the #WorkNOW program, Anab doesn’t think she would have a job. She smiles and says “I tell people to go there if they want a job”.

For further information on the #WorkNOW program please call us on 9376 5244

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