Volunteer Profile – Guillermo Anad

Volunteer Profile – Guillermo Anad

I grew up in Argentina, in the 1970s. At that time the country was under a military dictatorship. The military ruled with a brutal force and everywhere in the country there were people being imprisoned, tortured, killed, and thousand of people disappeared. As a coping strategy I developed a strong interests in music. Later, I started travelling around the world to play both classical music and tango, that most emblematic form of popular music in Argentina. Music saved my life.

I now live in Ascot Vale. I love living in Australia. I lived for many years in France and Germany and travelled many times in Spain and Latin America and I would not change Australia for any other country. Australia has become my second home now. My street is full of immigrants from different places, Greece, Malta, Italy, Africa, and that gives it a very special feeling. My Aussie neighbours are also very friendly and I am very fond of them, we have a very close relationship and I enjoy having a chat whenever we bump into each other in the street.

At Wingate I am a volunteer in the Adult Migrant English Program classes. I help in the beginners course. I have been doing this since 2009. I am very passionate about helping people with language skills and becoming culturally aware of everyday life in Australia. I am particularly motivated by the challenges involved in cross cultural communication with people from around the world and I enjoy putting in to my community.

One of my favourite thing about Wingate is the culturally diverse atmosphere that you can breath as soon as you walk in the door. I only experienced something similar in the Paris metro. People from every corner of the world, speaking different languages, with so many different ways of communicating. Plus, everybody is extremely friendly and helpful. The students are really thankful for the help they receive and they always thank with a smile. I treasure those moments immensely.

-The one thing I would like to change in my local community is to increase its level of cross cultural awareness. There are many cultures represented in the area and many different languages spoken around it but no one can hear my language, which is Spanish. And since languages are the home of culture I decided to set up a Spanish language course at the Wingate Community Centre.

To find out how you can volunteer at Wingate please call us on 9376 5244.

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