Reaching New Heights at Hyatt Place

Reaching New Heights at Hyatt Place

Local resident Abdullah has reached new heights after securing a job at the recently opened Hyatt Place hotel in Essendon Fields.  The 30-year-old settled in Kensington after arriving from Ghana in 2015.  He has been appointed Hyatt Places’s gallery host through the #WorkNOW program delivered at Wingate Avenue Community Centre.

After a six months casual stint with another hotel chain, Mr Iddrisu found himself unemployed again.  But a call to Wingate Avenue Community Centre set him on the road to Hyatt Place.

“I got a call for an interview, which I navigated successfully,” Mr Iddrisu said.

“Diversity is important to me, and as part of my role here as a gallery host I do nearly everything – meeting guests, check ins and out, even making beds.”

Wingate Avenue Community Centre received $400,000 last year to help 50 job seekers secure stable employment.  The centre has partnered with Kensington Neighbourhood House and the MMVLLEN to help job seekers transition into employment.

For further information on the #WorkNOW program please click here or call 9376 5244.


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