Become a member

Become a member

Membership with Wingate Avenue Community Centre is open to anyone who supports the Association’s aims and objectives.

If you wish to become a member, please contact the centre for more information.

General Rights of Members

A member of the Association is entitled to vote and has the right:

  1. To receive notice of general meetings and of proposed special resolutions
  2. To submit items of business for consideration at general meetings
  3. To vote at a general meeting
  4. To have access to the minutes of general meetings and other documents of the Association 

How to Apply

An application of a person for membership of the Association must be made in writing using the Membership Form available from the centre and be lodged with the Secretary of the Association.

There are no entrance fees or membership fees.

Membership is approved or rejected by the Committee of Management. Notification of application for membership will be provided as soon as practicable after the committee’s decision.

Membership expires after two years. The Committee Secretary is responsible for reminding members that their memberships are about to lapse. Membership expires on 30 June of the relevant year.

An applicant for membership becomes a member and is entitled to exercise the rights of membership when his or her name is entered in the register of members, which must occur seven days after approval of the application by the committee.